The Importance of the Cold Chain: 5 product types needing temperature controlled transportation

When you hear about temperature-controlled freight the first thing you probably think of is perishable food and dairy products. However, food is just the tip of the iceberg (or iceberg lettuce?) when it comes to types of cargo requiring temperature-controlled protection. Here are six different varieties of freight needing to move through a cold chain.

5 Ways a Cold Chain is different from a typical Supply Chain (Temperature Controlled Transportation)

Most people in Logistics are familiar with a supply chain. But the term “cold chain” and what it represents is much less understood in the industry. If one had to guess at its definition you might say it’s a supply chain that uses temperature controlled equipment. Though this definition would be partially correct, it falls way short of capturing all the complexities of a cold chain. In an attempt to shed some light on what comprises a cold chain, here are 5 ways it differs from a typical supply chain.